Saturday, June 30, 2007

We all know the tragic story about Kip Kinkel, the young 15 year old boy , who shot and killed both his parents , or what about the Coloumbine high school case, about the two 17 old and 19 year old who killed about 12 students, 2 teachers and hurt many more.

Society at the time, was as they say "totally freaked out". Everyone was trying to bring up an answer to what turned these children, these young teens into these horrible murders, into these sick persons that killed in cold blood.

In the Coloumbine case, after some research in the lives of the two murders, it was found that they both listened to a lot of Marylin Manson music, and had a lot of violent films in their bedrooms. It was then all very clear! It was surely Marylin Manson with his satanic lyrics that brought these kids to brutally killing their fellow classmates.

But , is the media the true factor in incrementing the aggression inside individuals, inside children?
My answer to that, would be no.
We currently live in a globalized world, where the same music that is played in London is played in Germany is played in Brazil is played even here in Mexico. The sameTV shows can be seen worldwide. I have recently, for example, been watching "old episode of" Cow and Chicken (a famous cartoon from the USA) in a German translation. It is clear that the world is watching, now a days, the same shows and listening basically to the same music.
Despite this, not every country has the high levels of violence in schools as the ones that the US presents.
I believe the US presents its high levels of violence due to other factors, cultural factors. But we cannot just blame television for it .It would make sense to blame television for an increment in violence , when the rate of violence world wide had incremented. And, this is not all true. Not all countries that display violent TV shows, TV shows that come from the US, display aggressive behavior.
The world is full of horrible things, but this does not mean that we have to be like that.

I believe we have a power to decide, therefore despite seeing violence, we can decide whether or not we wish to be violent. Television dosen´t need to be the factor that pushes us to be violent. I believe our friends, or our family members could have a greater influence on us becoming violent or not. They could be key factors on the decisions we make...But television?
I don´t know anyone who takes television too seriously. When you are a child, you learn that television is full of make believe. You have to learn that it is not real.

If one knows it´s fake, how could a fake thing ever influence me on what I decide to do in real life ?

Our decisions are influenced by our family, teachers, friends etc. Not by a screen with light.
The problem is, many children are forgotten and are left alone to make their own decisions. It´s the fault of the lack of attention given to them, that brings them to make incorrect decisions and turn violent. It´s a scream for help, coming from a failed family.

Violence has incremented in the US, due to the fact that the family structure in that country is failing. There are more and more single mothers with children, single mothers that leave for work and leave their children behind, untaught and forgotten.

it is not the fault of the violent television programs, or the violent lyrics from Marilyn Manson, it is the fault of family system.

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