Saturday, June 30, 2007

We were given a graph, which shows the amount of time that people from different age groups in Someland invested in different activities throughout a year.
Teens are the group that invested the largest amount of time in watching TV/videos. The number of hours that they spent was around 1,200. This comes very close, to the hours that people over 70 invested in this activity. (1100 hours per year).
Despite the fact, that teens spent the great majority of their time watching TV, they only spent 100 hours a year to go to the Cinema. (Although in this activity they were also one of the groups which invested the most time in .)
The group that invested the most time in socialising with 4 or less people, was the one which had people in their 30´s. After this group, the ones that also invested plenty of their time in this activity were people in their 40´s,50´s and 60´s.
On the contrary, people in their 20´s and teens, invested a lot more time in group activities.

We can clearly see, that the amount of time invested in each activity, has a lot to do with the age group in which a person is in. When a person is young, they will tend to invest a lot more time to socialize with large groups of people, on the contrary when they start to age, the people with which they socialize starts to decrease.
Although young and old people have a common trend, they both spend a lot of their time watching television.

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