Saturday, June 30, 2007

We were given two graphs, that compare the highest level of education of women in Someland between 1945 and 1995.
In the mid forties, the great majority of the women in Someland ( 35% of the women population) either studied up to 12 years of school or didn´t study at all . It was also popular for the women to study for just around 6 years, (15% of the women population did this) Only 1% of the population studied up to first degree. And no one studied up to Post graduate.

This contrasted greatly with what went on in woman´s education in 1995 in Someland. The great majority of the Woman in the mid nineties, finished their First Degree. ( 50% of the population accomplished this.) Not one woman studied less than 9 years. And 20 % of the women in Someland were able to study up to a Post Graduate.

We can therefore conclude that throughout the years in Someland, the level of woman´s education rose. The great majority accomplished to finish a degree.

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