Thursday, June 28, 2007

As we all know, I have to present in JUly an English test. The IELTS, I could just start blogging in English and stuff, to practice for the writing part...But I think, it´s a lot better to practice with real test exercises. So from now on, my writing is going to be related with test questions..

I) Writing about graph 1 : Number of children in X orphanage

In the mid seventies, the number of children in X orphanage was at its highest point. Nearly 1400 children slept, ate and basically lived in the X orphanage. Despite the high numbers that existed in the mid seventies, this number started to reduce it self through out the years. In the beginning of the eighties the number of orphans was eight hundred. And in 1985 this number reduced itself to more than its half. It was reduced by a third of what it had had in 1980, only 200 children now lived in the X orphanage.

Ok, before writing this, I checked the spelling in Gmail´s spell check, and I got wrong the following word:
beginning.(DOUBLE N N!!!!)

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