Thursday, June 28, 2007

It was not actually very common, for ladies to smoke in the early sixties, only 10% tended to do this activity. This was actually very different to what occurred in the case of men. In the sixties, about 60% of them smoked . It was very trendy for them to do so .
Despite the popularity that cigarette had with men in the early sixties, the number of men smokers started to decrease drastically throughout the years. By the early nineties, for example, only 30% of the male population smoked, half of what had existed in the early sixties.

The Female population, reacted strangely different from the male . A large group of ladies has never smoked. The highest percentage of women smokers that has existed, occurred in the mid seventies. Where almost 35% of the women population took up smoking. From then on, the number of women smokers has been kept constant. Oscillating between 35 % and 30 %. Being almost equal to the current male smoker population.

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