Friday, July 06, 2007

Both my parents were raised in the 70's, they grew up with disco music, Camilo Sexto, Jose Jose etc. They went out on Fridays and had fun in parties, they danced around, kissed. they also played sports, they studied, they basically enjoyed their life.
Camilo Sexto

Now a days, a lot of us would have a lot of trouble living the way they did in the 70's. They didn't have cell phones,didn't have cable TV, they didn't have computers, and worst of all, they didn't have Internet!
I use the Internet nearly everyday of my life. I log in to talk to my friends, I do a lot of my learning online, I study Computer Engineering, so it really helps to aid myself with the online tutorials, I can get a lot of my work done, by reading them. I like to listen to online radio stations from Germany,because I can practice my German, I also love watching German TV, I visit YouTube, and I watch many cartoons, soaps etc from Germany, my German accent has gotten a lot better since I have be doing this.
If you asked me now, I would say that I could not live without the Internet, my life would not be complete. But the truth is, I lived without it for almost 13 years. And I've actually lived with it, for almost 8 years.

I believe that we all get used to living with certain things, but human beings can adapt very easily, so when we are given something new, we adjust to it, and when something is taken from us, we also adjust to live without it. Human Beings have that gift, they can adjust very quickly to different situations, and still feel well. Humans feel well not on the amount of new gadgets that they have, but on the amount of love that they have. All you need is love, love, books and music. With these three factors, I believe we can all be very happy. The rest is just in order to live a little more comfortable .
Future Generations, could live like my parents did in the 70's or like how I live right now, and if they had music, love and books, I could assure you that they'd be happy, they would be able to adjust very well.


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